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Carl Arnold Kortum

Müllheim 1745 -
Bochum 1824

Carl Arnold Kortum; born July 5, 1745, Mülheim an der Ruhr; died August 15, 1824. From 1763 until 1766, Kortum studied medicine under Johann Gottfried Leidenfrost and Christian Arend Scherer at the university on Duisberg, where he also studied botany and attended theological lectures.
He wrote and defended his doctoral disseration on epilepsy in 1766 and then settled back in Mülheim at the house of his mother, to practice medicine. Carl Arnold Kortum traveled to Berlin in 1767 to attend anatomy courses and lectures on wound medicine and observe difficult operations at the Charité. He moved to Bochum in 1770, living and working there until his death. On the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation, the University of Duisberg honored him with an honorary doctorate, and he received the title of court counselor from the Prussian King, Friedrich Wilhelm III.
Besides his work in medicine, Carl Arnold Kortum achieved fame as a writer. In 1784, he published his contemporary satire "Leben, Meynungen und Thaten von Hieronymus Jobs..." ("The Life, Opinions, and Deeds of Hieronymus Jobs..."), also called "Jobsiade."

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